The Minor Prophets

For our last blog of the Walk through the New Testament (2021), I wanted to return to the message of the prophets. So much of the book of Revelation highlights the fulfillment, in various ways, of prophecies concerning God’s promised future. This overview can help us have a deeper understanding of images and ideas thatContinue reading “The Minor Prophets”

Following Jesus in Revelation

For this week’s blog, I wanted to continue to focus on the book of Revelation. In particular, what does it look like for Jesus’ followers to follow Jesus in this book? There are so many ways to go about answering this question. I have found it helpful to give attention to three titles of JesusContinue reading “Following Jesus in Revelation”

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

The book of Revelation has mystified readers for centuries; how do I give helpful guidance on reading Revelation in 8 minutes?!  I have no idea, but let’s try. Revelation is almost certainly the most misunderstood and misinterpreted book in our Bible.  It’s confusing!  In part because it’s a form of literature we are just notContinue reading “The Revelation of Jesus Christ”

2 Peter – Defending Orthodoxy

We continue to make our way the General Letters. With 2 Peter, we encounter another New Testament letter that addresses false teaching. In fact, it is a major focal point of the letter. Let us read this letter to see how we the date and audience and situation and message all come together to beContinue reading “2 Peter – Defending Orthodoxy”